Night of Support

#1 in Vienna

on May, 15th: 6pm
Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Vienna
Marko Locher

Support Engineer
at Codeship

Managing infrastructure for Codeship, freaking out my friends with weird music as well as lots of volleyball and sailing!

Mike Adolphs

Support Engineering Manager at GitHub

He's been working on technical support for the GitHub Enterprise product and has become the Support Engineering Manager at GitHub

Sebastian Gräßl

Application Support Engineer at Engine Yard

Social network addict; information junkie; part time party-goer; working at @EngineYard; music freak; i'm a pirate.

Laura Gaetano

Customer Support

happy bunny at @ntryat & @bitstem. organiser of @RailsGirlsSoC, @viennarb, @pyladies_VIE. likes owls, NASA trivia, and ceramics. Taekwondo newbie.

Customer Support and Support Engineering, two professional fields we get to hear way too little about. In a panel discussion on the 15th of May however Sebastian Gräßl (Support Engineer at Engine Yard) invites Laura Gaetano (Customer Support at NTRY), Mike Adolphs (Support Engineering Manager at GitHub) and Marko Locher (Support Engineer at Codeship) to talk about their experiences at sektor5.

Working for different types of companies they all face different types of customers. Laura is handling support with consumers on one service, Sebastian works with customers offering consumers services and Marko as well as Mike throw support for 3rd party services in the mix.

Following an introduction by the panel members we’ll look at the demographics (Who is calling/writing?, Geographical aspects, …) to then move on to discuss toolery and answer your questions about support.

With this event Sebastian aims to highlight the importance of well-functioning support and answer the question "What does good customer communication entail?", to prevent “Can I talk to your manager?”-situations…

To get into the mood watch this clip brought to you by Zendesk:

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